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When a Millennial Chick Tackles Business Casual

When a Millennial Chick Tackles Business Casual

When it comes to the perfect work outfit, finding the perfect cross between casual and business is an ongoing adventure for me. Most millennials can usually get away with combining a nice pair of slacks with a t-shirt and loafers. The work environment is a little more relaxed and a little more accepting of a laid-back appearance than it used to be when it comes to the younger crowd. 

I like pushing the boundaries and mix-matching the latest trends with an old fashioned office look. As a recent college graduate (still can't believe it's been a year and a half!), I'm in that weird stage where I want to wear trendy ripped jeans and midriff tees, but I also want to be taken seriously as a  professional woman. I find myself not really fitting into either extreme, but being somewhat of a meet-in-the-middle kind-of gal. 

Work-Girl Power2-2979.jpg
Girl Power-2987.jpg

I put this outfit on because it was a fun way mixing a colorful ripped top with a more serious and trendy b & w plaid skinny-pant style. The mustard yellow top with ketchup red words is a bold and eye-catching choice and can turn any work slacks or suit into a more "hip" look. Add a blazer that matches your pants or is simply another solid color, and you've got a perfect business-casual look. It's the perfect way of making a statement both in style and from a feminist perspective because as the shirt says, girl power (cue the emoji girl with her hand to the side).

To personalize the look, I added some of my favorite dangly gold ball earrings and a silver pendant necklace. The clear round glasses complete the work-ready vibe I was going for, but are more of a necessity than an accessory.

Work-Girl Power-suit-2994.jpg
Work-Girl Closeup-2997.jpg
Work-Girl Power-2980.jpg
Black-gold heels-2985.jpg
Work-Girl Power outfit-3-2978.jpg
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